Handcrafted amber

Amber is an amazing work of nature. About 55 million years ago, with global climate change, coniferous forests were under the Baltic Sea. Thus, the resin of these trees was petrified and transformed into amber.

The main part of the world production of amber takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation. The territory of the Kaliningrad region stores in its depths huge deposits of amber, which constitute more than 90 percent of the world's proven reserves. Here, in the village of Yantarny, there is the world's largest enterprise engaged in the extraction and processing of amber - the Kaliningrad Amber Plant.

Due to the complexity of the origin of amber, an incredible number of legends and myths were piled about him. Since ancient times, amber has been valued for the beauty, individuality of each stone and the warm honey glow emanating from it.

Our ancestors treated amber as a talisman of life. His special aura is health, beauty, youth and prosperity. Amber is famous for its healing properties: it restores the human biofield, regulates mental balance, normalizes blood pressure, and has a positive effect on the thyroid gland.