What to wear amber jewelry?

Amber is not a stone, but a fossil resin of coniferous trees, which belongs to the class of organic substances, having different shades from light yellow to brown. Amber jewelry is popular in Russia and other countries of the world among women over 40 years old. The choice of amber jewelry is amazing: necklaces and pendants, earrings and pendants, rings and bracelets. With such a diversity, it is recommended to learn how to choose the appropriate occasional items that will emphasize the owner’s natural beauty.

Amber Properties

Amber, like pearls, is one of the first gems known to man, which was originally mined on the banks of rivers and seas.

The deposits of amber began to open in the 18th century. The sizes and shapes of stones vary from a few millimeters to 5-6 centimeters in diameter. There are transparent, like a tear, and matte minerals of a rich palette of shades.

Inclusion refers to a plant or insect body inside amber. Such stones are of particular value. Different nations believed that amber is a panacea for the following diseases:

  1. Nervous system disorders;
  2. Stones in the kidneys;
  3. Eye diseases;
  4. Cardiovascular diseases;
  5. Inflammation and problems of the digestive tract.

Amber is a popular stone for making talismans. The ancients believed that this mineraloid protects the wearer from the influence of evil spirits and intrigues of envious, protects against fires. Yantar is preferred by historians, anthropologists, and archeologists, whom it is a connecting thread with the distant past.

Who is amber jewelry

In terms of appearance, amber is suitable for women with warm color types for spring and autumn. Spring girls are advised to concentrate on rich, bright yellow and orange colors of stone, and in autumn - on golden, ocher, brownish shades. Girls of the winter color type are recommended to wear amber of a rare black or green color, and for summer girls a white shade of amber will suit.

Brief description of color types:
  1. Spring - light ruddy skin, light or red hair, blue eyes.
  2. Summer - pale skin, ashy hair, light gray, blue or green eyes.
  3. Autumn - peach skin, green or brown eyes, red, brown hair.
  4. Winter - light skin, blue, gray or brown eyes, dark hair.

Astrologers claim that amber has a beneficial effect on Lviv, Aries and Gemini, charging them with a positive attitude and vivacity. Capricorn and Taurus are not recommended to wear amber, because this stone does not suit their stubborn temper.

When wearing amber, consider the physical characteristics of the body.

  1. Dark eyes will emphasize honey-colored amber, and light - coffee and brown stone.
  2. Large earrings with amber are recommended for tall girls with a swan neck.
  3. The elongated earrings will correct plump cheeks and a round face.

The compatibility of amber with clothing

Amber belongs to the semi-precious stones that are suitable for everyday wear. Consider several cases and options for relevant wear.

Casual sock

Amber is perfect for wearing every day. This stone looks great with warm colors of clothes: dark green, brown, beige, deep blue, yellow.

The exception is massive bracelets in combination with a three-quarter sleeve.

Office style

If the corporate style does not put a clear frame, ladies choose massive amber bracelets paired with a large pendant on a chain or earrings. Necklaces and beads from amber are not recommended to be worn in the office, but if you cannot resist, wear a plain turtleneck or a sweater without a neckline with them.

Bohemian style

Baggy dresses and blouses, tunics, long skirts and high leather boots look great in combination with amber jewelry. When dressing in a bohemian style, pick up long chains with large amber pendants, put on several bracelets of different shapes on one hand. The bohemian style favors bright combinations, therefore it is no stranger to experiments: amber in this image is combined with cornelian, nephrite and agate.

Amber jewelery makes up an exotic ensemble with products made of bone or wood.

Summer decorations

In the summer you want freshness and lightness. In the hot season it is better to limit yourself to a pair of jewelry: small earrings, droplets and a ring with transparent amber. Pendants made of amber on a thin chain will fit to an open white sundress or dress.

Winter option

Amber is combined with knitwear and wool, so in the cold months amber is leading among other stones. A fancy necklace with a few threads or a massive round bracelet in combination with amber earrings will suit a plain plain dress.

The publication

For a secular evening, it is recommended to select elegant amber products with high-quality cut in gold or platinum setting. It is not recommended to wear raw amber - it looks rude.

Choosing amber products to go together, do not overdo it: amber is a bright stone, so a pair of jewelry is enough to create an elegant image.